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Playing Tifa's piano (Spoilers)


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How important is it to play the piano correctly at Nibelheim? I played it correctly as Cloud during the flashback, and apparently the second time you visit Nibelheim, playing correctly will get you 1 Gil. How important is it to get this? Because nothing seems to happen once I'm done playing the piano. Does it affect any of the trophies? I realise of course that I'll have to play it correctly much later in the game to get Tifa's Level 4 Limit Break, but right now I'm referring to the second visit to Nibelheim, still in Disc 1

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The only item you need for trophies is the one you get in Disc 4 when you return to Nibelheim. 


Earlier you can get 1 gil or "Tifa's secret savings" when playing the piano. If you choose to "jam" as Cloud during the flashback and then inspect the piano as Tifa (when she becomes the party leader) you'll get the Elemental Materia. But this is not tied to any trophy. 

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