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Dressed for Success Glitched?

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Just downloaded and played through the last DLC. Did the story mission, finished the tomb, did score and time attack, yet I can’t unlock the last trophy because the outfit doesn’t seem to be available. I managed to unlock the DLC skill and the weapon, but the outfit is greyed out. I relaunched the game twice and tried at a different camp. Nothing. Ideas? Is anyone experiencing the same? Thanks!

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27 minutes ago, YeyMuffins said:

Not unlocking as well, finished the mission and time/score challenge, equiped the outfit/gun, but not unlocking.

Tried to do this in-game as via challenges, but nothing's working..

there are 2 new outfits and 2 new guns. I didn't get the tropy at first either. Just try every combination. Trophy did unlock eventually ...

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Amazing that this game still forces you to use certain outfits in certain regions. Found that really fucking stupid. Everytime i had to talk to the mowgli kid who think he is king i had to put one outfit on, and that outfit gave worthless shit bonuses. So 20 seconds later i had to equip a decent outfit again, and rinse and repeat several times during the game just so you could talk to the biggest asshole in the game for 10 seconds.

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