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CTR (Trophy ideas) - Fanmade not official


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Hey guys; so a while ago when Crash N-Sane Trilogy came out. I started to think about what a potential trophy list could be for Crash Team Racing and now that the remake is on the way; I figured I'd share the trophy ideas I came up with a few years back just to get some thoughts. So I mainly took the original game into consideration but also thought about potential new content.


:platinum: Platinum - The Nitro Fueled Crash Bandicoot - Collect all trophies

:bronze: Bronze - Ripper Reversed - Defeat Ripper Roo

:bronze: Bronze - Papu Pit Stopped - Defeat Papu Papu

:silver: Silver - Komodo Crashed - Defeat Komodo Joe

:silver: Silver - Put the Pedal to the Potaroo - Defeat Pinstripe

:gold: Gold - Oxide Overtaken - Defeat N. Oxide

:silver: Silver - Red Means Stop - Collect all Red CTR Tokens

:silver: Silver - Green Fingers - Collect all Green CTR  Tokens

:silver: Silver - Seeing Gold - Collect all Yellow CTR Tokens

:silver: Silver - Professional Purple - Collect all Purple CTR Tokens

:gold: Gold - Tournament Track Master - Complete all Color Cup Tournament Tracks in 1st Place

:gold: Gold - The Fast & The Furriest - Acquire all relics in the game (Gold or Higher)

:bronze: Bronze - Cortex Strikes Back - Hit Crash Bandicoot with a weapon as Dr. Neo Cortex

:bronze: Bronze - Eat my Dust - Beat a developer's Time Trial Ghost

:silver: Silver - Good Guys Never Finish Last - Beat the story with a Hero Character

:silver: Silver - Bad to the Bone - Beat the story with a Villain Character

:bronze: Bronze - Ancient Wisdom -  Hear every tip from Aku Aku or Uka Uka

:bronze: Bronze - Mommy what's a memory card? - Save the game at the save screens

:bronze: Bronze - Track Traveler - Race on every track in the game

:bronze: Bronze - Crashed my Bandicoot - Battle in every arena in the game

:silver: Silver - Retro Racers - Unlock every racer from the original game

:silver: Silver - Fresh Wheels - Unlock all new Characters

:hidden::bronze: (Hidden Trophy) Bronze - Demos are for Dragons - Unlock Spyro the Dragon

:silver: Silver - Best Driver of Your World - Win an online Tournament Cup

:gold: Gold - Fastest Racer in the Galaxy - Win 20 Online Races

:hidden::bronze: (Hidden Trophy) Bronze - A Walk in the Park - Win on Coco Park playing as Coco Bandicoot

:hidden::bronze: (Hidden Trophy) Bronze - King of the Castle - Win on Cortex Castle playing as Dr. Neo Cortex

:hidden::bronze: (Hidden Trophy) Bronze - Snow Joke - Win on Polar Pass playing as Polar

:hidden::bronze: (Hidden Trophy) Bronze - N-Sane Flashbacks - Win on Crash Cove playing as Crash Bandicoot

:hidden::bronze: (Hidden Trophy) Bronze - Air Trick - Take the shortcut in Hot Air Skyway and Win

:hidden::bronze: (Hidden Trophy) Bronze - Pass it on - Bounce a TNT into another racer

:hidden::bronze: (Hidden Trophy) Bronze - Break out the Butter, We're gonna make toast - Get Fried in Mystery Caves as Dingodile

:hidden::bronze: (Hidden Trophy) Bronze - Time to Drift - Drift 10 times in a single time trial as N.Tropy


But yeah that's all the ones I could come up with.  Would love to get people's thoughts on this.

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