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hacked trophy list


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5 minutes ago, BlackSquirrell1 said:

They may have already been reported as illegitimate. 


it's a waiting game. once they're checked over by the staff they'll be taken off the leaderboard and if they want to dispute it they'll likely end up on the forum and the only way they'll return is by hiding those games (3 flags in the old ball game).

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38 minutes ago, B1rvine said:

The guy in question has several missing timestamps, causing statistical errors. It took him well over 5 years to finish.


According to the thread below the correct procedure to deal with this site bug would be to flag the user in order to bring it to Sly's attention so that he can manually apply the fix. Then again, the bugged entry mentioned in the thread in question is still up after a month, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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