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Here’s the tweet containing this info. SO excited to get back in the game :))))

Fixed an issue where players were not unlocking achievements after meeting the requirements.

    Players may still experiencing issues with the 20-Piece achievement. We should have a fix with our next patch.

    Progress for some achievements may need to be re-earned.

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6 minutes ago, re_panos said:

I don't see anything about the win trophies and the dagger trophy. Are they included in the statement that "Progress for achievements may have to be re-earned"?

Knife Edge Death Match, Decimation and Absolute Unit probably has to be re-earned as I doubt they save stuff like this on the servers. Win trophies should auto-pop or at least after your next win.

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6 minutes ago, McDermottx94 said:

Is it normal for them to release separate updates back to back?


11 minutes ago, dawnofthedead34 said:

-.- you have to be kidding me ? sigh... well thanks for the info, so it isn’t patch 1.21?

Sry it's the downtime that starts at 4 PM. Once the servers come back online the fixes should be live.

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Scratch that! I just managed to get the 20-piece potion trophy in my latest game... didn't win the squad so not sure about that trophy yet. The 11 kill one is also confirmed working.

Just now, A_Tennis_Giraffe said:

Just played a game and none of the 5 trophies I'd previously done have unlocked for me :(

Unfortunately - most will require you to do again. I had to win to get the Crown Royale (so guess another 9 for the 10 wins!) and the Jack of All Trades needs to be unlocked. The only one that has me made is the Absolute Unit... considering.

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