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MyCareer Related Trophies Missable


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Just wanted to give people a heads up that the game-related trophies like Y'all Ready for This can actually be missed. Ive been playing the main game as well as NBA 2k19 for a while and in MyCareer if you are playing poorly in your single player games on MyCareer, you can close the app and reboot it to give yourself a shot to play better in the same game. I assumed you could do this in the Prelude as well, I did terribly in my first game and closed the application trying to get better stats (which is dumb since stats don't even matter in the Prelude). Unfortunately, the Prelude simply skips ahead to the next game in the storyline which means you'll lose your chance to get Y'all Ready for This for completing your first game.


Of course, you can use the workaround to let you replay the Prelude again and give yourself another chance to get this but I figured some people may want to avoid this to save time.

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