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7 minutes ago, VoidVictorious said:

Is everything else pretty much unmissable?

There are a few trophies to look out for, but I wouldn't say they require a full game video guide to find.



Super Sized
Get a 500 Hits Combo


  • For this one, the guide details 2 places in the game to get this -- once at the very beginning, and once at the point where you gain Cronos' Rage (since you have unlimited magic).
  • If you don't get it in your first playthrough, don't worry about it. I recommend loading the game on the hardest difficulty (since enemies will have higher health, making them take more hits to kill) and doing it at the very first fight in the game (literally the first thing you do after the opening cutscene). I believe that's where I did it and it easily popped.

Eye Sore
Collect 20 Cyclops Eyes


  • You won't get this naturally on your first playthrough; you might get 3 eyes tops. Just replay one of the Challenges of the Titans to farm the eyes. Not missable, but it won't pop after your first playthrough.
30Sc2fb85.png Blowin' Your Wad
Max out all Weapons and Magic


  • Personally, I didn't get this on my first playthrough. It's doable, but you might not get it. No fear, though! Just start a new game on the hardest difficulty (like for Super Sized) and just farm out the remaining red orbs that you need. I don't remember if you need to do anything special, but your progress WILL carry over into a new game, so you'll have your upgrades still. It shouldn't take too long to get your remaining red orbs.

15 Min Fight Scene
Battle your way to the Loom Chamber in under 10 minutes


  • This is the only truly "missable" trophy in the game. It can't be easily earned after the first playthrough because it takes place towards the end of the game. It's not difficult though, as long as you don't waste time standing around. You should finish with some time to spare. Personally, I recommend just looking up a video for this one specifically to tell when the time starts and where your end is. I believe you can just reload the game from your last save if you don't get it, as this game works by manual saving.


Overall, only one missable trophy but you can keep reloading again and again if you don't manage to get it, so it's semi-missable. Following a collectible guide and making sure you get 15 Min Fight Scene, you shouldn't have any problem with the clean-up for the first 3 trophies I mentioned. :) Also, no difficulty trophy! :D

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