Has it been removed from the Store? Why I own this game?

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This game is on my trophy games list, but I'm 100% sure I've never bought a retail copy version, so... Has it been free some years ago for Plus members?

Weirdest thing is that if I search it on PS3 Store, I can't find it!


I own an EU account, I live in Italy


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game information for monster jam battlegrounds it was given out on october 4th 2017 both US and EU received this game. 

ps3 game was most likely delisted since i couldn't find it. if you have previously had it in your plus purchases. look up your ps3 download list either on PC or ps3. it might take some scrolling to go through especially if you bought alot of games or DLC.


i faced this same issue with one piece pirate warriors 3 (vita) had to search from computer.

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