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2 hours ago, esperguardian said:

Easily Distracted
Shoot down 1,000 crows


Does this specifically count just crows or any flying background bonus?


Quick Draw
Defeat a level 100+ boss within 10 seconds of starting the area


How in the world do I do that? With the dialog time and everything.



Easily Distracted

I believe it does have to be crows specifically.


Quick Draw

This will come naturally if you're playing a decent amount.  eventually your damage will be very strong at this level once you've gained enough of the blessings.  I don't remember doing anything specific, but I honestly just ignored this trophy, as I knew others would take much longer and that this one would come naturally at some point.

(Speed potions will help too.  once you're getting pretty consistently into the higher levels, try popping a speedup around level 95 so that the level 100+ levels only last a few seconds each.

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On 2/17/2019 at 10:37 AM, esperguardian said:

TY for the response.


Medium potion of fire breath = Global party dmg done in 150 seconds added to the base dmg click (Make sure you have a familiar that is mouse clicking for you)


Huge potion of giant's strength = increase dmg by 900%


Those two combined will annihilate a boss. Either one alone should do the trick. 

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