Refined Taste Not Obtainable Through Deep Core Mining

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Refined Taste

Refine 750 tonnes of mineable materials



Just a PSA that materials refined through Deep Core Mining (tutorial) don't count towards this trophy.


I had refined about 1.000 materials split between Deep Core and "Normal" Mining (tutorial), and I didn't get the trophy until I'd refined a total of 750 through the latter method. It's possible that it's not cumulative across the two methods and you can do 750 of either, but I think this is unlikely.


Since the base version of mining isn't lucrative relative to Deep Core Mining, I suggest outfitting a large ship with lots of cargo space, a Refinery with 9-10 bins and Collector Limpet Controllers letting you deploy at least 5 limpets simultaneously.


Then head for a ring (e.g. Delkar 7 will have Painite and Gold, see bottom) and just move from asteroid to asteroid. I'd also bring a Prospector Limpet Controller, so you can locate the nearest asteroid that has a high content percentage while you're gathering fragments (e.g. if it says "Gold 33%", it will get you 1 refined unit for every three fragments, whereas "Gold 10%" will only get you 1 unit for every 10 fragments). Since you're going for quantity over quality, it doesn't matter what you mine, apart from the two ores I mentioned.


To newer players: if you either enter a ring system, or log into one with any amount of materials in your cargo hold, the NPC pirates that spawn will engage you. Either boost away until they're off the radar, or target the nearest star system and jump out. It's a good idea to have a long range scanner installed when mining, and if you're logging out inside a ring system, do so outside of mass lock. Alternatively, you can give pirates what they ask for, just remember that you have to be quick about it.


Related trophies:




Refine 25 tonnes of Gold





Painite In The Asp

Refine 10 tonnes of Painite



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