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New Tokyo RPG Factory Game "Oninaki"announced - Summer 2019


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1 minute ago, Crispy_Oglop said:

This looks lovely. I completely fell in love with I Am Setsuna. Still need to play Lost Sphear (currently hanging out in my backlog). Thanks for posting this, you've cheered my Friday up!

My pleasure. :) I still have to play any game of Tokyo RPG factory but I have I am Setsuna on my wishlist for a long time now. One of these days, I am sure!

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I really like the look of this one. I know their previous games have somewhat of a mixed reception (especially Lost Sphear), but I can appreciate how they're making games reminiscent of classic JRPG's. I've not played I Am Setsuna or Lost Sphear yet, but I do own both of them. I'm sure I'll get Oninaki too, probably at launch if it releases physically.

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26 minutes ago, Dragon-Archon said:

I've never played a Tokyo RPG Factory game, but this piqued my interest. Going to keep an eye out for information about this game. Are the Tokyo RPG Factory games standalone?


To my knowledge, yes. Given the ending of I Am Setsuna, I can't imagine that Lost Sphear has anything but the most tangential links to it.

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