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Base Game + DLC Trophy Guides On One Page

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With PST currently down and people debating trophy guides on PST compared to PSNP it got me thinking what advantages does one have over the other.


When a game has DLC with trophies, PST displays all guides on a single page. For example I’m currently playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided which has 4 DLCs. PST has the guides for the base game and all 4 DLCs displayed on a single page which is very useful. However on PSNP the guides (note that PSNP only has guides for 1 of the DLCs) on separate pages which isn’t necessarily useful.


For some games this isn’t that much of an issue as games like Deus Ex which has 2 storyline DLCs that are separate from the base game storyline and are accessed through the main menu. But for a game like Gravity Rush Remastered which I recently played the DLC is accessed while playing the base game storyline and having the guides for the base game and DLCs on a single page would be very useful.


The layout that PST uses with having all the roadmaps at the top of the page and all guides underneath would work really well with PSNP guides as the trophies in the roadmap have clickable links which will take you to the part of the guide for that specific trophy. As opposed to having the guides/roadmaps for each separate list underneath each other meaning you’d have to scroll down to get to the DLC guides.


As far as having all guides on a single page go, this wouldn’t include supplementary guides for things like collectibles or gameplay guides as I personally prefer having a separate page for those and including those with the trophy guides could get messy.

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So when we originally launched the guide system for a short time we had the base game and all DLC trophies on a single guide page - This guide is actually a relic of that. Then we realized the writer of the original guide would be expected to keep up with the DLC trophies as well for as long as they released, which in a lot of cases wasn't going to happen. 


So we split them, this made it to where anyone can continue writing for the DLC trophies, DLC guides can have their own roadmap, own tips & strategies, etc... We try to combine them together by listing DLC guides in the sidebar of the main guide and within the guides section of a trophy list.


But that's basically why we have it that way :P 

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Just to clarify what I mean. I’m talking about simply displaying all guides on one screen as opposed to a single guide covering the base game and DLC trophies. On PST when you search for a game then click on Trophy Guide it takes you to a page that displays all available guides for that game even though each guide has separate pages in the forums commonly with different authors.


At the moment there are links to all guides for a game (base game guide has links to DLC guides, DLC guides have a link to the base game guide) but having a single page with all guides displayed is much better. As an example, if there was a game that had 3 DLCs and both PSNP and PST had guides for all of them that were all of the same quality. Which site would you use, PSNP where you have to have 4 pages open to see all guides or PST that has all guides on 1 page?


Basically all you need is a link to a separate page that displays all available guides in one go. On a game page there is a link to the guides that lists all guides. All it needs is a link that displays all those guides on a single page. Guides still need their separate pages so that people can leave comments about the guide as one page that includes comments for all guides would be a mess.

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