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Move Pack compatible with regular camera?


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Hi guys, Ok so I'm considering buying the Move pack for Little Big Planet 2, I have 2 move controllers since I got VR for PS4, just wondering if my web camera will work on Little Big Planet 2, or do I need to have the official PS3 camera? I used this web camera on Burnout to get the camera shot trophy on that game, just wondered if it will work with this game.


Thanks :)

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While Burnout asks you for a simple shot from the camera, this game requires you to use move controls, which is only detected by PlayStation Eye.

since you already have the move controls, a PSEye should cost 3-5€ ;) 


@enaysoft if you’re from UK, CEX (webuy.com) has some great deals and sell those accessories separately ;) 

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if need to know of a possible place to find the playstation eye for ps3. a common place is amazon they seem to be a dime a dozen around there i didn't have to pay very much for one. other areas in your country could possibly have em on hand.

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So you’re saying this whole time I could use the PS4 Camera on my PS3 for the peripheral-specific Burnout Paradise trophies? -_-


On 18/02/2019 at 5:39 AM, black__bunny said:

I found them cheaper to buy preowned from game stores than online. Got one from EB for $4 instead of $15-$20 from ebay. Not going to bust your wallet but I only intend on using it for this game so it was worth it for me. 


True that! I managed to stumble upon one of these at the EB Games just kilometres away from my residense. Couldn’t say no to Four Bucks!

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