Lost Land Level 11

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I am convinced that this level is impossible to accomplish without anchors as I have tried multiple times with multiple methods and there was always a plane carrier or a plane that broke through my defenses.  My strategy is probably the worst one, but fuck this level.


My stats in the Workshop are as follows:



The following under Towers are fully upgraded:

Light Cannon Damage / Light Cannon Cost

Heavy Cannon / Heavy Cannon Cost

Mortar Damage / Mortar Cost

Loot From Resource Towers / Resource Tower Speed

Radar Tower Strength


Secret Weapon:

Spells Cost

Air Strike Damage (Level 5)

Acid Attack Damage (Level 1)

Minefield Damage (Level 1)

Ice Bomb Duration (Fully Upgraded)

Ice Bomb Reload Time (Level 5)

Enhancer Duration / Enhancer Power (Fully Upgraded)

Enhancer Reload Time (Level 3)



Budget At Level Start / Loot From Ships (Fully Upgraded)





I started by using my coins to buy two heavy cannons, two light cannons, and a resource tower (see screenshot for placement), and I also used 8 anchors to purchase the first spot on the bottom left. 


By the beginning of wave 2 I had upgraded at least one of the light cannons to the slow cannon and upgraded one of the heavy cannons once.  Then, as soon as the plane carrier ships began to come near the first intersection I used the Ice Bomb and Enhancer secret weapons and manually clicked on the ships that were stuck behind the Ice Bomb.  When some ships were destroyed I paused the level, upgraded one of the heavy cannons to the rapid fire cannon, built another heavy cannon near the top spawn, and built more light cannons going towards the base (upgrading them as I could).  And somewhere in all this upgrading I upgraded the Resource Tower.  Eventually, my Resource Tower was turned into a Radar Tower (although, now that I think about it a Tesla Tower might have worked since it zaps the ships back to the beginning of the spawn).


After the Enhancer and Ice Bomb wore off I used what anchors I had to reset the cool down and I kept doing that until the plane carriers and planes were all destroyed because my towers could not shoot fast enough to counter the repair ships.  I also upgraded any towers via pausing the level and manually selecting the plane carrier ships.  When the last wave comes I used at least one Ice Bomb and at least one Enhancer (again by resetting the cool down), but more may be needed unfortunately.  


Just as a side note the ships that spawn on the bottom should not go directly to your base.  They should loop around the middle islands and then head for your base.


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Thank you for this. I would like to add that I had no anchors when I got to that level but i was able to save all the Anchors from the next 9 levels and made a manual save of the game via PS+ and then used all those anchors on freeze spells for this level. There is NO WAY to 3 star that level without using anchors, in my opinion.

I was able to get it the first time after making the manual save but I did verify that you can download the online save and it will override the save you used the anchors on.

Good Luck Friends!


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