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Lost Land Level 11


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  • 2 months later...


I am convinced that this level is impossible to accomplish without anchors as I have tried multiple times with multiple methods and there was always a plane carrier or a plane that broke through my defenses.  My strategy is probably the worst one, but fuck this level.


My stats in the Workshop are as follows:



The following under Towers are fully upgraded:

Light Cannon Damage / Light Cannon Cost

Heavy Cannon / Heavy Cannon Cost

Mortar Damage / Mortar Cost

Loot From Resource Towers / Resource Tower Speed

Radar Tower Strength


Secret Weapon:

Spells Cost

Air Strike Damage (Level 5)

Acid Attack Damage (Level 1)

Minefield Damage (Level 1)

Ice Bomb Duration (Fully Upgraded)

Ice Bomb Reload Time (Level 5)

Enhancer Duration / Enhancer Power (Fully Upgraded)

Enhancer Reload Time (Level 3)



Budget At Level Start / Loot From Ships (Fully Upgraded)





I started by using my coins to buy two heavy cannons, two light cannons, and a resource tower (see screenshot for placement), and I also used 8 anchors to purchase the first spot on the bottom left. 


By the beginning of wave 2 I had upgraded at least one of the light cannons to the slow cannon and upgraded one of the heavy cannons once.  Then, as soon as the plane carrier ships began to come near the first intersection I used the Ice Bomb and Enhancer secret weapons and manually clicked on the ships that were stuck behind the Ice Bomb.  When some ships were destroyed I paused the level, upgraded one of the heavy cannons to the rapid fire cannon, built another heavy cannon near the top spawn, and built more light cannons going towards the base (upgrading them as I could).  And somewhere in all this upgrading I upgraded the Resource Tower.  Eventually, my Resource Tower was turned into a Radar Tower (although, now that I think about it a Tesla Tower might have worked since it zaps the ships back to the beginning of the spawn).


After the Enhancer and Ice Bomb wore off I used what anchors I had to reset the cool down and I kept doing that until the plane carriers and planes were all destroyed because my towers could not shoot fast enough to counter the repair ships.  I also upgraded any towers via pausing the level and manually selecting the plane carrier ships.  When the last wave comes I used at least one Ice Bomb and at least one Enhancer (again by resetting the cool down), but more may be needed unfortunately.  


Just as a side note the ships that spawn on the bottom should not go directly to your base.  They should loop around the middle islands and then head for your base.

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  • 6 months later...

Thank you for this. I would like to add that I had no anchors when I got to that level but i was able to save all the Anchors from the next 9 levels and made a manual save of the game via PS+ and then used all those anchors on freeze spells for this level. There is NO WAY to 3 star that level without using anchors, in my opinion.

I was able to get it the first time after making the manual save but I did verify that you can download the online save and it will override the save you used the anchors on.

Good Luck Friends!

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  • 1 year later...

Old topic, I know, but I just got 3 stars on this level without using any anchors and I thought I would share my strategy in case anyone else struggles here. The level giving me trouble at the moment is actually Lost Land Level 6.

Relevant upgrades:

  • Light Cannon fully upgraded
  • Radar Tower fully upgraded
  • Ice Bomb fully upgraded (cooldown upgrades not necessary)
  • Enhancer fully upgraded (cooldown upgrades not necessary)
  • Resource Tower both upgrades at 5/6 (6/6 would help)
  • Loot from Ships and Budget at Level Start both at 5/6 (6/6 would help)
  • Various levels of damage upgrades on other spells, probably not too important



Immediately upon level start, pause the level and place a Resource Tower directly left of the top island. On the two spaces directly left of that, place Light Cannons. Now we're gonna wait out a lot of the first wave to build up cash. The fewer cannons we place, the longer it'll take to finish the wave. Plus, we'll have more money to upgrade the Resource Tower. As has been mentioned before, ships coming from the bottom circle around the entire loop before going to your tower, so they're even less of a threat.

Send out the next wave immediately and use the money to get the first Resource Tower upgrade. When you have the money, build another Light Cannon on the top island, then one on your base and one just below your base. This should be enough to finish off the first wave as long as you tap to target the ships that make it past your first few Light Cannons. Also, be sure to get the second Resource Tower upgrade as soon as you can.


Once the first wave is over, upgrade the Resource Tower into a Radar Tower and build Light Cannons on all available spots except the ones that require anchors. Throughout the wave, as you get money, upgrade your Light Cannons whenever you can. Prioritize the cannons that are closest to the incoming enemies in the top row, which is generally the ones on the left. As soon as the, uh, carriers or whatever show up (the ones that spawn three planes when defeated), pause the game and try your best to get your cannons to target them. Sometimes I have trouble with this because the crowd of enemies is so dense. Feel free to briefly press play, then pause again to see if you can get them to advance a little. Again, remember to upgrade your towers as money comes again. You can also target the healing enemies if they're causing you trouble.


Once around 6-ish (increase or decrease as needed) of the carriers have entered the screen, I like to use the three damaging spells to weaken the crowd. Ice Bomb should be saved. Enhancer can be used whenever you feel like you have a good amount of cannons upgraded, or you can save it until you use Ice Bomb. At some point, it'll become obvious that the planes spawned from the carriers are going to reach your base before your cannons can take them out. This is when you use your Ice Bomb. Freeze them as well as any other incoming enemies, and again, tap the enemies you want to target since the AI isn't very good. This is the make-or-break part of the run; as long as you can take out all the enemies in the top row, the rest of the level should be smooth sailing. Finishing up wave 2 should be easy after they're gone.

For wave 3, I like to sell the cannon just under my base and make another Radar Tower in its place. All the Light Cannons should have at least their second upgrade at this point, though I prefer going further for the stun upgrade. The only real concern here is the enemies that disable your towers, so just prioritize them until they're all dead. Once they are, you can probably just fast forward through the rest of the map, though I'd suggest keeping an eye on the game just in case.

Hope this helps someone.

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