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How well does Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA play on the Vita?


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Title. I really enjoy the Ys series, but I would rather avoid playing it on the console simply because I have to spend more time outside home because of work. And it is a title that, on a handheld, I could play little by little on my free time without ruining the experience.

So, any bugs, glitches or crashing situations? I dont mind long load times (looking at you, Ys Origins).


Thanks in advance!

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There are some (rather short) loading times when entering the different parts of the map but they aren't anything that will spoil the game.

More importantly is the fact that the Vita-version lacks a bit of content compared to the versions for PS4, Switch, and PC as the Vita-version was the original one and later on Falcom released an enhanced version with additional content that mainly affects the story of Dana as there are a few additional dungeons to explore when playing her storyline.

Besides that there's also a few additional changes like you can visit some sections of the island during night and there's one additional dungeon in Adol's storyline. Other changes can be found here:



But regarding the Vita-version:
Like I said it's totally fine. And AFAIK there are no common glitches or game breakers.

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I played the Vita version only. The game was very well optimised and yes there is some content cut the Trophy Guide references these content changes between the two versions, as some of DANA's segments differ on the Vita version compared to the PS4 counter-part.


If you are short on time or away from the PS4 a lot i would recommend the Vita version because you will need to commit at least 60 odd hours to play this game for the platinum considerably less of course if you just want to run through the the story though. So its up to you. The Vita version though you may find it hard t get a physical copy as they are pretty scarce and the ones you may find are very expensive so digital may be the way to go for this one, unless you opt for the PS4 version.

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I've played through it on PS4 & am getting closer to finishing it on PC (I triple-dipped on this... no regrets). Vita's lower framerate does not ruin the game for me. The only time it gets a little choppy would be in some cutscenes. For a portable one, I'm satisfied with it.

Any crashing? No, never. Not even once. Load times are almost instant on PS4, but you will notice them on Vita. Even so, I wouldn't say they're terrible.

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