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Lucky Star Trophy


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On 2019/2/18 at 9:09 AM, DevilWarrior009 said:

How do you get this Trophy? I saw people having this already and only complete chapter 5 or 6? The only Trophies i have left are the 2 with 1.000.000 Gold and this one? I don't know where i should go for this? 

play  upgrade material mission,it shouldnt take too long

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4 hours ago, Mo-Fresh18 said:

I'm confused do they mean get the Heatlth and attack boost items or all item material on missions?



Honestly wish someone can just explain. My interpenetration of this trophy is that, you get items from playing mission, AND by playing upgraded materials your getting x50 items. 


So if we read the above messages. People are playing upgraded material missions because they drop more items. That's my theory hopefully someone can inform us!  

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16 hours ago, Sebax55 said:

Just repeat Upgraded Materials on Expert and you should get 90+ materials per fight, stop focusing on that trophy guys do 50 upgrades then start to worry about that trophy 

Thank you so much buddy :) yeah better focus the upgrade to i completely forgot that trophy to lol. You should give a try it should definitely help for more people

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