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Veteran grind with turbo controllers


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Since 1000 versus matches is incredibly daunting, I just want to reassure anyone who is aiming for the trophy, that it is a very easy grind with turbo controllers. The problem is that, you need 2 turbo controllers. However once you have 2 of them, just set up a match and then set both to press X repeatedly. From there, you're set.


Even if standing still, which side wins in a math is sort of random, so I sometimes didn't have draws, but a match takes anywhere from 30s to 50s when doing this. My average was 43s a match, so it takes 11-12 hrs to do the entire grind. (Thinking about it, if you rubberband the stick on one of the turbo controllers backward, you should be able to guarantee the winner everytime, making each match 30s for sure)

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I know this is an old topic...


But since you only need to play matches (not winning them) you can do this with only one turbo controller or using a macro via Remote Play if you don't have one.

For the fastest way possible go to Player vs CPU, pick Stage 5 (if you have it unlocked, if not any stage will do) set the difficulty to Very Hard, Rounds to 1, and HP to 1. It would take about 5-6 hours for 1000 versus matches this way.

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