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The Last of Us All Collectibles, All Cutscenes, Reviews

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Hey Everyone,

Here is the Full Walkthrough of The Last of Us as well as all the collectibles in the game. If you want the cutscenes only we have it to.
The game is definitely game of the year and I can see why it got a 10/10
-You get emotionally attached to all characters you encounter along your journey
-You feel really immersed in the game
-The gameplay is amazing

Full Walkthrough

All Collectibles

Chapter 1 & 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Cut-scenes only


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Just to let you know, this is the proper section for things regarding this game. You won't be making any friends with the mods if you post identical topics all over the forum. Just letting you know because it looks like the videos are great quality (I actually think I'm a subscriber to your YouTube) and I'd hate to see you get banned over something this silly. Keep up the good work but remember to post it in the right section.  B)





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