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Sniper trophy tip


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I've seen a bunch of videos and posts people talking about where the best option is or grinding on VOLGA with only a single shot sniper attachments, so I can recommend doing it on CASPIAN in the middle area.


Once you reach and kill the sniper on the top of the crane Anna points out (by this time you should have the x6 scope and magazine upgrades) there will be a car coming from the main gate with 5-6 enemies - you can farm here but make sure to quickly reset checkpoint or do so before killing the last guy as it autosaves quickly and can lock you out of the farm.

If you miss that in the same area there is a large oil silo you can climb on top of, if you look towards the rigs/helipad on the left you'll see the mole (small, fast mutants) nest, another one is due north towards the tracks Aurora is on these guys respawn so take a couple out and wait a bit or look to the other nest. You'll get 50kills in 10-15 minutes. 

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