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The elephant in the room....

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One of the best novel games ever made which got me into novel games in the first place. Released first on the GBA, then DS and 3DS! The best handheld novel game series ever made, and now finally we get to play them on a Sony Console. HOORRAAAAYYYY!!!!






This is a joke right... No vita version!?....




Like other games, such as Hatoful Boyfriend, it's great to have both a Vita and PS4 port for those that don't have a Vita. Do I really have to play a text adventure game with mostly reading on a HD TV for 20 hours?....I know the Vita is considered a dead system but they are porting a handheld game ffs. This is like if they ported it to PS4 and made it VR only.


As if having 1 plat for 3 long games and having practically to read spoilers in order to be careful not miss missable conversation trophies through the games weren't bad enough...

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Yeah I heard about that, same time I caught this news. Bad news for Vita all around. :( Still it's coming out on the switch and that's a handheld, it's like they didn't put it out on purpose on a Vita because Nintendo knew it would sell a lot of copies and would look better than on a 3DS.


That's my theory anyway, especially since Vita in Japan has a whole ton of visual novels available for it, like with the PSP as well.

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NIS is still announcing Vita games left and right, but yes, the Vita would be pretty alive if Capcom collections (Street Fighter, Mega Man etc) came out on it, not to mention a crap-ton of other games.

But here's the thing: development for the Vita is painful. Like, blood-sweating, cursing, nightmare level shit crazy difficult. It's development software kit is free to use for anybody, yet nobody touches it. It's that bad.


Blame Sony. Demand better handhelds.

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Yeah huge shame this isn't coming to Vita, would have been perfect for Cross-Save. Genuinely played every single one of these that's been released in the West (including the first Miles Edgeworth spin off) every lunchtime when I've gone to the toilet at work! Would have been great to do that then go home and play on the big screen.


Will do that with Trails of Cold Steel instead.


Hoping that trophy list being in English means that the March date is worldwide and not just Japan as originally reported...


Edit: didn't realise it's out in Japan in a couple of days in fact, whoops! 

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Vita always was the black sheep of the Playstation family. Shortly after his release, Sony already seemed to want the console dead, but the japanese and the faithful westerns Vita lovers kept him alive. But time has passed, and his hardware is not up to date, so it's not worth anymore. Sadly Sony doesnt have plans for a successor. I like my Vita very much, but we will have to play this brilliant trilogy only on the big screen. Not that it's a bad thing. 

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I might just get this.  I also agree that it's a shame it isn't coming to Vita, but sadly, that handheld has become defunct, no thanks to Sony's incompetent marketing.  The Vita is great hardware, but Sony bungled its launch in the West.  Still, the success of the Switch should show Sony that there is still a market for handheld gaming mobile phones simply can't supplant.


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