Trophy difficulty and time rating? And fun /10?

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Difficulty I would say gets pretty hard during the "Expert Missions" any miss ups can land you an A Rank when you would think it could be an S Rank. Then you have to do that 10 more times to get the trophy. Tedious story mode ( trash imo ) takes way too long and can't skip so I'd wait for the update where you can skip cut scenes etc. Fun you can get that out of online but most people rage quit even in casual matches when it isn't that serious in the first place. Once you get to c5 ^ you'll get the cheese and try hard players in ranked that will DC to keep their record. 


Trophy Difficulty (imo) 7/10 ( only because you have to grind 1 million coins from the same mission to get that trophy & missions )


Time to plat maybe under a week if you're playing.


Fun 6.5/10 ( Once you play over 100 matches )



*New update so now you can skip cutscenes * Version 1.03

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