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Every guide I've found for this trophy mentions that after the Gogeta (Super Saiyan) 7* Free Battle comes Trunks, Broly, Golden Frieza, and SSGSS Goku. I've only recently started playing, after most of the updates, and I assume it was one of those that added another whole bunch of Free Battles (Cooler (Final Form), Janemba, Kid Buu, etc.). The list ends with Guldo though, and I can't find the 4 I mentioned earlier anywhere. For the trophy do I need to unlock the 4 somehow and defeat them? Do I ignore them and defeat all the new fights? I can make a list of all the Free Battles available to me if it helps. Thanks in advance!


Edit: Posted too soon. Just defeated the Gogeta (Super Saiyan) Free Battle and that unlocked Trunks. I'm guessing beating Trunks will then unlock Broly and so on.

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