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Linear Bounded Phenogram ad a stand alone version


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Do you think that they should put "Linear Bounded Phenogram" on the store as a stand alone version?

Like for people who already have the original Steins Gate and don't want to buy the Elite version?

In my case, i have now two Steins Gate ?, the original on Ps3 and the Elite version (without Phenogram, cause i've got a promo version for review purpose).

I would love to play Linear Bounded Phenogram, but i don't want to buy Steins Gate for the third time. ?


Anyone know something in that sense? It's possibile?

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it seems to be only a standalone game on the Japanese store and is actually on sale at the moment for around 1000 yen (10 dollars). Its just the same story from the other characters point of view, like a fan disk for those who really like Kris, Faris etc. rather than the proper game and is divided into 10 sections. It would be like a supplement to the main game to just know more about what the rest were thinking rather a sequel or anything. If they do put it on other regions, it should be cheap. 

I just played the main game and SG 0, didn't bother with this or Darling. 

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