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10 crown royales


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Me and my wife got this game the day before the patch and won at least once.

Every win we've gotten, we got while playing together. When we reached 10 wins, we didn't get the trophy, no suprise there. But after another win she got the trophy but not me. It's the only trophy I need and I'm not sure why she got it whereas I didn't. 

On 22/02/2019 at 11:55 PM, Norillen said:


All my wins were earned after the patch.

Do you usually only play with the same character?

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EDIT: I decided to try again and got another crown Royale. Once I pressed X to return to lobby, I got the trophy to pop during the loading screen. Turns out, the game freezing on me prevented the trophy from popping. I always thought trophies pooped immediately after the game.


I picked up the game March 2019. Just played it for the first time in over 18 months. According to Realm Royale Tracker, I was on 9 wins. I won a squad game and as soon as the Crown Royale popped up, my game froze. My stats were still recorded in the tracker, and yet no trophy. Do the 10 wins have to be in 1 “season” or can it be across all seasons/modes? I tried playing another game - finished 8th in squads - and still no trophy. Am I forced to just try and win another game and see if it will pop?


Also I read the devs have pretty much abandoned the game? That honestly sucks. Makes me want to finish the game even more in case it gets shut down.

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