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Ability to change your PSN account country


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Hello. As you can see I have a PSN account from the United States, but like many other PSN users around the World I'm not from the U.S. In my case, my account creation dates back to 2011 (when my country didn't have a PS Store yet) and was originally created with the sole purpose of redeeming a game from a voucher after buying a PSP bundle. After that, I purchased many other games on that account.


Anyway, as much as I prefer the U.S. PS Store due to the good deals, I'd really love to be on the leaderboards of my actual country where I would placed on the top 25 instead of being around place 15916th of my "adopted country", but more important, I would really love the flag of my country being displayed on my profile.

In case you wonder why I don't create a new account and start over, I put a lot of money but specially a lot of time and effort in my current account and totally scrapping it would be completely illogical.


This feature is already present on at least another trophy hunting site, but it would be really cool if it could be implemented here one day, of course if it isn't too difficult to implement.

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