Glitched trophies (How to get them)

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This game was actually really enjoyable and did surprise me how good it actually was. A lot of content for a small title and everything seemed to work flawless for me except 3 glitched trophies.






#Fix for glitched trophies# (may not be the solution for everybody)


I managed to find a way to pop MASTER GARDENER and MASTER ALCHEMIST so I thought I should share how I did it here for future players. I copied my save file to my USB and started a new save file on the game, playing around 5 minutes before I deleted the game and reinstalled. I then entered the game on the 5 minute save file and exited the game and copied my save file from the USB and both MASTER GARDENER and MASTER ALCHEMIST popped when I picked 1 flower and made 1 potion.


So for MASTER CHEF it turned out that it wasn't glitched but you have to make 1 food item 100 times. If you for an example try to make 50 breads in one go it counts as 1, so make 1 bread 50 times and it will count as 50.

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8 hours ago, TakemetoNarnia4 said:

The cloud version is only available for psplus members

I never used the cloud I used a USB.


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