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Neptunia Villain Kurome Ankokuboshi is now a member of the Platinum club for Super Meat Boy, It took me around a month but finally I achieved platinum for this game!

I read in various places this platinum is rather hard to achieve.



Don't think this is Me, no worries you can find me on the recent achievers leaderboard for the Impossible Boy and the Super Meat Boy! trophies.

NOTE: the "stupid fancy text thing" in the middle of the title is not actually fancy text for the sake of fancy text, it says "Kurome Ankokubioshi (element of set) Platinum Club.

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I honestly never really thought of it as much of a achievement until I just looked at the completion rate, I've finished it 3 times, once on the 360 back in the day, twice around the time of of release on vita. honestly hate that game with a passion now.  

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12 hours ago, TheYuriG said:

Your second time doing it, I'm guessing. Congratulations, but use status updates next time you want to inform abour something you did.

No this is the first time. back in the day i had it on the PC but I could never get the perfect run trophies so i decided when i bought it on the Ps4 i'd give it all i had to get platinum. It took my a month because I decided that a true perfect run is to beat it with only meat boy or bandage girl for the entire game... so that's what i did.

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