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Hello. So, I have only two Trophies left in this game, the ones that require you to get all the Super and the Ultimate Attacks. As I think you know, it's really hard to get them due to RNG, but I've heard that there is a DLC to speed things up: with the DLC, you can have Elder Kai as your Mentor, and with his help the dropping of the needed items should be easier and less grinding.

I'd like to know what is the DLC that gives Elder Kai as your Mentor, so I can consider buying it while it is on sale and/or I have some money left on my PSN, so I can finally get the Platinum Trophy of this game. Thanks in advance!


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As per this thread, the DLC pack you want to buy is Ressurection 'F' Pack also called DLC Pack 3:


Link to Playstation Store DLC listing:


This is the Free DLC movie costume pack that also completes the above DLC pack:


I would recommend buying it NOW since it's on sale with 75% off.


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