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Good Grief, (minimising cap loss)


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Ok so caps are pretty hard to come by in this game, and if you plan to fast travel, you’re going to need deep pockets.


So there’s a way that I found to allow you to get kills on other players, whilst minimising risk to your caps.


So normally when you initiate a fight with another player, you will lose a somewhat decent chunk of caps dependent yours, and your opponents level..


I believe the lowest amount of caps I’ve lost when killed is about 26.


However if you are killed with a bounty, you only lose the bounty.


So I did this earlier today after accidentally getting a bounty of 10 caps.


I went and sat outside Vault 76 and waited for people to come and claim the bounty. However I decided that I’d at least put up a fight.


Over a period of 20-30 minutes I was attacked 16 times, I managed to kill the first 15 would be assassins, and finally succumb to the 16th. 


This is is where I noticed that I’d not only racked up 15 kills towards the trophy, but I’d also gained 267 caps from killing attackers.


But ultimately I’d done all of that whilst limiting the amount of caps I could lose to a measly 10..


Because, although usually I’d have lost 20-50caps for being killed.. with a bounty, I only ever lose the bounty.


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I amassed a fortune just selling bulk junk to every vendor daily. 200 caps per vendor and there's 7 vendors (note vendor caps are shared between factions). With Charisma perks you can minimize fast travel cost (Travel Agent) and get more caps for selling to vendors (Hard Bargain). Pretty easy to get at least 1000 caps/day if you pick up and scrap everything.


Map with all vendors and their factions:



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The method below might be obvious, but its my go to when I start playing for the day.....


A quick way to make money (well relatively quick) if you don't have much time in a day is to park your camp near a water source like a river and plant like 20+ plants. Get the perk card that doubles plant collection and log on for the day and harvest all the plants. Then go to the water source and spam the collection of water from the river (natural water sources are fast because you can spam collection without the animation like in a faucet) then boil all the water and make juices from it. If you are lucky like me you also get attacked at your base almost every day by mole rats and there is also wood laying around and other random plants which allows making more food/drink. Then go around selling it. You can make max caps for 3 vendors in less than 30 minutes that way.


I know it isn't a "fun" way to play the game but when you have <1 hour to play and just want to be a bit productive it is an easy way to max out cap collection for the day.

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