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How can you download the dlc


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On 2/25/2019 at 1:12 AM, DEYBAJ said:


As the tittle 

I will be explained how to get those dlc 


First thing. The game are now delisted from ps  store in all rigon how sad this is lol 

So there are only disc version available so let's begin


Open your web browser application using your PC or phone it's up to you really there are no difference 


Then Sign in to PlayStation store using the web browser and let it save your information  I mean email and password like you sign in normally in PS3  

And remember to sign in for the rigon that your game copy is I mean it's usa or Europe you can find this out by searching the BLES number in game cover after you figure it out then 

Go for the right. Store and sign in 


After this you have two options to do   either use the PlayStation site 


Web searching site google work fine 


And Just copy or paste those words


rambo the video game: baker team playstation store


And if used the PlayStation site 

Paste it without PlayStation store 


Now you will have the pages opens 


And you get options


First check out the person icon in the right top its the means the user click on it  are you signing in or not if yes perfect 

Choose the  two options both of them 


Add to cart 

Add to wish list 


Then the final step is to go on your console PS3 and  open the PlayStation store as usually   and check out the in cart options is it add to the cart or not if yes then confirm the purchase like you do when buy a game don't worries it's totally free after that it should be in your download list and congratulations there you have it 




Hopefully this helps you guys and if there any questions i am ready  to answer 










Thanks for the "walkthrough", but It's was a good thing Rambo: The Video Game got delisted, cos it is ONE OF THE WORST PS3 TITLES EVER!!! Now if you can find a walkthrough how to DL X-Men: The Arcade Game or The Simpsons Arcade from PSstore, I'm sure a ton a gamers will be grateful to you.

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