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Exterminator bugged


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Iv killed all bosses 3+ times , uninstalled the game and started new charecters and worlds and still no trophy , anyone got any ideas or can help ? Im on ps4. Thanks.


Solved : had to reinstall the game and restart all data , then solo all bosses. Didnt need moon lord or duke fishy.

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I don't think the cultists or Moon Lord are required for the trophy. Duke Fishron definitely isn't.


Did you kill every boss using the same character? You can move between worlds, but the progress is tracked on a single character.


Also, I already had the trophy, but I got an ingame notification telling me I had defeated all the bosses after I killed Wall of Flesh a second time. So for some reason it didn't count the first time I killed it. I don't know if it's a problem with that one boss, but my advice would be to keep killing every boss on the same character until it hopefully unlocks.


Or try it on the Vita version, although you'll need to kill Ocram, who doesn't exist on newer versions of the game.

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8 hours ago, Shadiochao said:

Are you sure it was all on the same world? Because you can't have both Eater of Worlds and Brain of Cthulhu spawn unless you bring in materials from another world


Maybe it's one of those you missed


Yes iv killed them in the same world..... I 100% have killed all bosses. Iv got the accolade in game for killing all bosses , but no trophy.

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