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Did Anyone Spot Them?


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I am using this first line as a warning simply because I don't consider this to be spoiler territory. There's always that chance someone might though.




There are 2 places I've seen on Youtube where the Dark Ones actually appear. :D One is a technical spotting, but the 2nd one is real and it explains a certain section and a hunch that I had.

I was kinda bummed they never showed up, but now it makes me wonder if any DLC plans will include them.


This is spoiler territory so...tags...

You can hallucinate the little Dark One by smoking somewhere in the Caspian level. I never found the spot. The 2nd one however I believe is the voice you hear before encountering the Blind Ones. You can spot a Dark One on a roof as you leave an underground passage leading to the building where you find the medicine. He vanishes really fast so it's no wonder I never spotted him.

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