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Never fallen glitched?


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Hi all,

  Last night I completed the game for the first time, and sill had the Ygdar Orus Li Ox in my possession, but the 'Never Fallen' trophy did not pop. Has anyone else experienced this?


I even have the trophy screenshot from defeating the last boss showing I still have it equiqqed ha.

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15 hours ago, Jonatosaurus said:

Are you still in the boss zone ?

I think that you have to actually "finish" the game by leaving the area with the pipe.

Nope I finished the game by killing the 'king', going through the pipe and starting a fresh run and nothing popped.


Ah well...

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Have you used the mutation during your run ? 

If you complet the game using the custom mode some setup can block the trophy (They have a padlock icon).

So if you beat the game with the mutation AND without dying you might be occurring a bug. 

There's not much to do except trying a second time and see if you have more "luck" this time.



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