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Special Issue Weaponry

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I found the easiest for the weapon trophy is Battery's grenade launcher. Reached 10 medals last night by around lvl 33.


Easiest for the equipment (for me anyway) is Nomad's mesh mine. Reached 3 medals very quickly so far. You need 2 separate kills in 1 round for a medal but the good thing is that traps don't seem to disappear when you die like on WW2. Just lay them in a popular spot on the map. 


Edit - The mesh mine thing is no longer working that well for me. I shot up to 3 very quickly, but have only added maybe 1 more in the last 20 games (despite killing multiple ppl with the mines per game). I think you might need 2 ppl in each explosion and I just had beginner's luck with that early on.

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I had issues with this trophy. I had 10 double kill medals with specialists but the trophy didn't unlock. I also saw that some double kills were not added to the corresponding challenge (calling card) which it showed 7 out of 10. 3 double kills were with characters that were added later to the game (Seraph and Reaper).  I simply got 3 more  double kills with Ajax and then it unlocked. I had no issue with the equipment trophy (I used the Prophet specialist).

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