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A Complete Collection possibly missable?


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So when farming artifacts/minerals recently I decided to use the glitch with naming the animals you buy the item ID for the item you need. I only needed like 2-3 artifacts and minerals anyways so I didn't really care.

Then after I turned in everything I noticed the minerals I donated were still greyed out and Gunther didn't give me the stardrop. Also haven't received the trophy a complete collection. At this point I wasn't really worried yet because I thought if I just get the last minerals the legit way it should work, right? Well, it didn't. I went ahead and got the last 3 minerals from popping geodes, talked with Gunther again but it didn't really do much.

So, am I locked out of Complete Collection + Mystery of Stardrops or does anyone have a suggestion?


I was simply too stupid to notice that I forgot to put the prismatic shard in there.

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