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Question about triple xp (game reinstall)


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So I got the disc version of RDR (non-GOTY) and I read on the guide you can reinstall the game, don't apply the patch and it gives 3x XP while playing LAN mode.


Can I keep my savefile while doing it? At least my level? I just tried it and it put me all the way back to level 1, though reinstalling the patch did restore my previous level.


Edit: Just did a test, did a backup of my savefiles and then uninstalled the patch, it doesn't seem to be giving me triple XP =/ Tested on Twin Rocks hideout.

Was there any revision on the base game disc as well?


Edit2: Well it seems only a few hideouts give more XP, Pike's Basin sure as hell gives lots more xp than with the patch.

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For anyone who might still want to go for this method:

  • Still works just fine, unpatched version of the game will give a lot more XP for hideouts completions
  • It's a bit hard to track if you are new to the game (like I was) as the XP given to you at the end has a few variables (chain kills, speed, etc.)

Twin Rocks is the best hideout for sure. It only takes 70s on average to clear it out and it gives you around 1420xp; +400xp if you manage to clear it under a minute. Sure, it takes time, and finding a glitched lobby would be a lot more efficient...but sadly I had no luck after trying to find one for weeks. Best/fastest "legit" way to do it for sure.

  • You will keep the save file after patching the game to 1.08
  • You can use the vanilla save file with GOTY file - BUT only if the disc region matches (BLUS & BLUS, BLES & BLES, etc.)
  • You can backup your save and roll into the Legend Rank - and redownload your backup after to retain level 50 unlocks
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