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“Detect” accessories


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I’m missing a fossil for a mission and equiped the accessory that should let me see them but nada. I know I’m in the right area. Is there a way to trigger the detect function that I’m somehow missing?


EDIT: Answering my own question, it seems a gold circle/coin appears when you’re in the vicinity of the item, pointing you in the right direction. Still haven’t found the last Fossil with Megashark (? The one where you need to find 15). I hope I haven’t glitched myself out of everything...

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^^ Nah, just keep going!
The last Fossil with Megashark was really hard to find but finally I've got it.

Not sure, but if I remember well it was on the right hand side of the map.

You need to swim 20.000.000 meters anyway for one of the rare trophies.


After beating the BOSS on the last map you will get another two small sharks with additional 10 missions each, making that 270 missions all together.


Good luck

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