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What is the thing you want most but can't afford at the moment?


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Well I recently came across a lot of cool stuff for sale on the internet, but one of them caught my attention more than others but sadly, that thing was way too expensive for me.

So I came up with this quick thread, is there something you really want to buy right now but just can't afford? (Or you have things that are more important maybe)

Obviously it can be anything, not only games related! 


For those who are wondering what mine is: 



Well it's this Carbuncle plush doll! It's simply amazing and adorable, this is definitely something that I'm dying to have.

Sadly it costs around $550 so it's way out of my budget plus I'm not sure if the artist is still making them. 






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Better Wi-Fi. Whether it is an ethernet cable, a new router, an (overpriced) troubleshoot visit from Verizon FIOS or moving to a better Wi-Fi area, I'll take it at this point. Can't get any of it but I'll tell you what else I can't get: a download that goes faster than 5GB per DAY! (Yes you heard that right. Take a moment if you have to.) Don't know what happened but I want my regular super-slow speed of 1GB per hour back! I just bought a new PS4 to replace a busted one and I have nothing on it because of this!

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I have lots of things but have to manage the boring stuff like rent, bills, car insurance and running costs, food etc. I am saving for these in the future though


Cosmetic surgery (£5200)

Laser eye surgery (£3000)

A luxury car (I currently drive a small Toyota yaris but would love something like a Lexus ES one day): from £35k new, but I would go for used.


Things I want but will probably never buy are a 65" sony bravia 4k tv, VR headset, luxury headphones like Bose or Beats, and hiring a cleaner to all my cleaning for me. 

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Not sure about what I want the most though
but would like to have a new car(may get a 2017 Ford Fusion when I do get a 2nd job hoping maybe by 2022-2025), a house and rap up on buying games to some of systems here shortly
Currently trying to finish off my game collections for PS3, 3DS, Wii, Wii U, Nintendo DS and gamecube.
Wii U is currently pretty close only 4 games remain aside from a few VC games I may get.
Suppose I'll probably to get a new job or a 2nd job and work both full time and part time  if possible at some point.

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