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3rd secert and Egyptologist level 9 text glitches solved exclusive videos


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 like the tittle says

I just made a two videos  one for the secert number 3 and. The other is for Egyptian texts. In level 9 the power of the underworld. Because i have see many players struggling with this and how it's glitches so I tell my self why I don't make videos and make things easier especially when there are no videos out there for PS3 and hopefully this helps you guys 


I uploaded it from my google drive

And those are  the links 


3rd secert 



Remember to turn off the infinite ammo in coustomize game options because it we'll disabled all ammo secert 



Level 9 the power of the underworld egyptologist 



The key for this is the cross hair (looking camera) where you point it try keep low and find the best spot 


 IAM Sorry for the videos quality I suggest to view them in full screen 


If there Any questions I am ready to answer 


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16 minutes ago, UlvenFenrir said:

hey thanks dude. i was thinking of getting this at some point but read that the platinum is possible to obtain now. is this correct?

Hey ulvenfenrir 


Your welcome any time

Look I have platinum this game and yes its possible only glitches I face is this two in my video and yes you might have bad time in the hardest difficult but there are some method that will make it easier other wise it's absolutely obtainable platinum 

And if you need help with co-op I can help with that also 

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