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5 minutes ago, Terra said:

I haven't used share play myself but I guess it would be ok since both the player and the friend are doing the trophy together. As for the other two scenarios, I'm not entirely sure. 

Ah as I find share play to be ok for doing co op stuff on as metal slug has co op but you need a friend to be next to you but share play fits that to help. Also could give the other player a way to help them like as in get tips from the other player who is just watching. like solving puzzles and so on or know what to do. Stuff like that, not have them play as you and get you the trophy at the get go if that makes sense.

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On 3/23/2019 at 10:11 PM, Property_Damage said:

According to call of duty standards

that certainly is cheating and can get you banned lol

but im not here to nit pick


Point taken.  But a wise man does not make it obvious that is what they're doing.


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