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Platinum achiever numbers often wrong.

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I just compared the number of platinum trophy achievers shown on the main game page with that on the leaderboard for 6 of my rarest platinums and 3 of them had the wrong numbers, two were correct and the last was to difficult to do quickly due to dlc.  I found the following...


Angry Birds Trilogy shows 46 leaderboard shows 38.

Everybodies Golf shows 440 leaderboard shows 434

Sorcery Saga shows 94 leaderboard showz 89


I understand that this is due to the removal of profiles for whatever reason, but, it would be nice if the game stats (% shown) reflected the changes made to the leaderboards.  I assume that the stats of other trophies in these games is also affected. From my breif look this problem appears to be fairly wide spread.

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On 26/06/2019 at 9:46 AM, TheYuriG said:



Different problem, if you look here


You will see that the number of acheivers at the top of the page says 48 but the list only contains 39 players.  I guess that as this has been true for so long it will never be fixed.

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