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Worth in 2019?


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53 minutes ago, theSpirae said:

Is it worth getting it now? Do people still play? If not, I might get it just for the Campaign. So pretty much debating whether to get just base version for 5$ or pay double for a few dead MP dlcs. What do you think?


(Last played only about a month ago) I found it hard to actually find specific DLC games but when my friend set up a server with DLC maps we’d have loads of people coming in, so lots of players own premium. At some points we’d give up on banning and just let the match fill up. There’s always some base game matches going on though, much the same as with other Battlefields. I did the base game stuff without boosting but I think you’d need to boost with at least 4 people for the DLC trophies. 



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I got Premium (all DLC) BF3 [7,49€] and BF4 [4,99€] some months ago for the PS3. So I am playing BF4 occasionally again. There are still enough people playing but I have not found someone for the DLC stuff yet on normal play.


Edit: Playing now with the Server Browser, it is possible to play on specific DLC-Maps. On average 1-2 server are populated.

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I imagine there are still quite a lot of active players in BF4 (enough to fill a dozen different servers). If you find it hard to stumble across a DLC map/server, just keep checking for servers with rotating maps (I believe what maps are included in a server).


Even though I dislike what they've done with BF3 & 4, the game is super fun. Large scale battles FTW!



...oh, and the story...well it's there ?

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Ive started this again and can say that the dlc is a ghost town, apart from maybe a silk road here and there. Loads of max ticket locker/metro though. I dont know if day and time are a factor as to how many play. Some of the assignments are going to be a pain in the arse to get legit.

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The servers for both PS3 and PS4 are populated in 2019. Please refer to this third party Battlefield 4 stat tracker for the live player base numbers and 24h peak user count for each platform.


Even though the majority of the multiplayer population play on the vanilla server settings, I had no troubles finding servers playing on unofficial servers with DLC map rotations and on some occasions, DLC game modes. Going back to BF4 on the PlayStation 4 release from mid-2014 I managed to earn all of the leftover MP trophies through legitimate skill/luck based gameplay (with the exception of the 2 silver trophies from the Second Assault expansion plus the 3 DLC assignment trophies I didn't bother with on both platforms). I don't know about you but I believe it's not too late to start this game in 2019. I'll let you make-up your mind about this. Start the game or not, it's all completely up to you.

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