Official IOS remoteplay on Firmware 6.5

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Good evening,

With firmware 6.50, Sony has released an official RemotePlay app for IOS. (  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ps4-remote-play/id1436192460 )

So far, it is working pretty well, but the main problem that I have run into is that it does not support the use of PS4 controllers. The touch screen controls kind of stink.


Do any of you out there have Bluetooth controllers for your IOS devices that you can test to see if it works with the RemotePlay App?



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My MFi Bluetooth controller works fine, but I still need to use the touchscreen for R3, L3, home, start, share, and the touchpad. The lack of controller inputs for the former two are really the only ones that make gameplay less seamless. I don’t think Sony can make the DS4 compatible without Apple tweaking something, unlike Remote Play on Mac. 


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