Disappointed With Future Tense

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Why Am I Disappointed


Maybe someone else found this also but future tense was pretty challenging and fun (+ve)


There was no achievement for getting a "good time" which is something that really disappointed me, on the first crash bandicoot the free DLC (actually a level from the prototype of crash bandicoot that was removed before the final version) level was stormy Ascent and one of the achievement for it required you to achieve a gold relic time which was annoying but fun. However... not so with future tense, all you had to do for it was finish the optional harder route and collect every crate.


After beating I was left feeling like the difficulty of the level was somewhat wasted given the fact that none of the achievements required you to truly master the level since both can be achieved affording deaths along the way.


It's obvious it was wasted since stormy ascent, a much easier level by comparison actually felt much more difficult to obtain all the achievements for

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i recently came back to this game specifically for this level. it was a tough one for anyone being unfamiliar with the game's mechanics but it is quite a cool level. i was also totally expecting a time trial for this level as well but was hella surprised to not find one.


i felt like they didn't want to have a time trial trophy because it was their first original level and were skeptical of its reception, so they wanted to go eazy on the player. its not a total disappointment though


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