Easy Abyss Floor 999 solo Suzaku/Spear strategy, Journey into The Abyss trophy, general tips

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Hi, fellow Nioh fans. If someone is interested, I've made a vid of my solo Abyss run, final floor. No cheese. I've actually completed whole Abyss solo, since Nioh is my fav PS4 game. Felt that's the thing I should do.


For completely No Living Weapon run floor 999 solo, check out my other Nioh vid. This video is more like a strategy/guide for solo attempters.


As for general tips for the Abyss and Nioh trophies (for example Journey into The Abyss trophy), Suzaku Magic Talisman attack is beastly. It stuns and drains so much Ki. Of course, there is Daiba for humans only, tho Suzaku is effective vs Yokai as well. Good strategy for tough enemies in the Abyss (and campaign) is to refill your Amrita via stones before and while in combat. That way you can overcome many, many bosses with constant Living Weapon. Spear is preferred - safety, long reach, solid damage - you can't go wrong with it. LW Celestial Spear attack hits like a truck. For new spear users I recommend the simple mid stance's triple triangle combo. It's efficient vs any mob really, in my experience.    

Feel free to ask me anything about Nioh. Build, in general, is stacked damage bonuses. Magic and Jutsu are shown. Thank you.



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