Beat top world ranked players, Xianghua and online trophies tips

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Out of my ~800 ranked matches, I consider this particular fight the best (beautiful comeback vs 3rd ranked world Maxi player [7.15 - 11.30]). I main Xianghua and know a thing or two when it comes to Soul Calibur. If someone has any questions regarding trophies, don't hesitate to ask. Overall, I'd rate the Platinum difficulty around 5-6/10.



If someone is interested, best Xianghua moves would be:

-Forward B,B (which is a Launch on Counter Hit),

-Back Back B (very good evasive move),

-Down A (great interruption move),

-AAB (natural counter hit combo, also 10 frames, meaning very quick, among the fastest moves in the game).


No sweeter Taste than Victory trophy requires you to win 5 ranked matches. You can use top tier characters like Siegfried, Nightmare or Ivy, if you like. It's just 5 wins, you will get it eventually.


An unquenchable Thirst for Battle trophy - fight 50 battles online - is a matter of time only. Last patch made finding similar ranks easier, that means less frustration. Just keep on going ^^


A Hero is Born trophy is to fight 10 online battles with a created character. That's actually a pretty fun trophy, I find creation mode refreshing (after all those battles).

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If someone's interested, my other run VS top world players (PS4 rankings). Any feedback would be appreciated!


I'll answer any Soul Calibur VI (trophies) and Xianghua questions. Even most technical ones, so feel free to ask.



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Added video for easy access.

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