Need help with "King of the Kongs" trophy (glitch?)

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I have unlocked every trophy but the "pound your chest and roar 5 times" I have absolutely no idea what I am doing wrong that I cant get this. I must be doing something wrong because its so common. When I do the pounding motion i get a rumble in the move controllers but it never seems to amount to anything I also have the headset mic unmuted with sidetoning turned on, so it cant be anything there to do with audio.


I just dont know what the game wants me to do or where it wants me to do it? I am at a loss here, anyone have any ideas?


Edit: I finally figured this one out, but I'll leave the solution here for future reference. In the games current form this is easily the most finicky trophy in the game post patch. When it says 5 times it has to be 5 in a row, you cant just pound your chest on 5 seperate occasions, it has to be sustained. You gotta keep doing it until it pops with no break. Took me like 6 mins if attempting comibnations to get it. Also, ignore the roar part it means nothing.

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