Where to unlock all non-DLC outfits

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Hey guys, i'm pretty sure this list is complete (excluding preorder and DLC costumes) but it's hard to be sure without any full guides online so if you've found one i haven't listed feel free to tell me and ill put it in. All of them are found in gold chests so use your map at the location i list or check the video


Strong World Outfit

Found at Sky Island. Talk to Trafalgar Law next to the Sunny with a quest marker after earning enough karma. The quest will take you to sky island where you can find this chest towards the end of an obscure path.


Whole Cake Island Outfit

In a chest near the back of Cannon Island behind some trees


Film Z Party Outfit

In a chest at the top of Prison Tower - Tourmaline. It's not confirmed but it's possible this chest doesn't appear until later in the story.


Stealth Outfit (Film Gold)

Arguably one of the harder ones to find in this game, this outfit can be found towards the back of Crystal Canyon. To reach it you have to enter a cave in the cliffs and gum gum rocket to a dimly lit wooden platform up above and follow the path to the chest.


Navy Outfit

Can be found in a boat house at the Naval Base. The building is northeast of where you arrive by fast travel towards the corner of the base.



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I think the earliest time you can get the Film Z Party Outfit is around Chapter 8 since I got it during that chapter.


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