Notes disappear, game crashes

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I know it's an old game, but worth a shot.


For some reason DJ Hero 2 keeps crashing for me, in the sense that plates keep spinning but no notes appear, which is tragic in itself, but also makes me wonder if its my PS3 laser failing or just a scratched disc?


Well my disc isn't scratched at all, and my PS3 only does this with this one single game so makes me wonder what is at fault here... this pretty much prevents me from getting higher progress in this game sadly.


Did this happen to anyone else?


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13 hours ago, AN0n1m8 said:

i'm playing it right now and no problems.

Didn't expect this to get any replies, more of a way to vent :P


It's definitely not a game bug, I'm gonna grab another copy on my next visit to CeX and hope it really is a faulty disc and not my PS3 lenses. I guess it just gives me more time to practise Groundhog on DJ hero 1, only missing that one song for the plat. 


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