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Not that it's necessary but, I'll just echo what many others have already said; it's far from masterpiece but, not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. The turret sections can be wicked frustrating on hard but, the battles on foot are quite enjoyable.

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really liked the look of this and didnt really take notice of its difficulty or average reviews so bought it from amazon when it first came out, i only buy brand new games but after takin a month to arrive it also turned out to be secondhand... i took that as a sign to not play it and got somethin else in exchange after the refund

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I thought it was an ok game, played it sporadically throughout the day while doing other things as I heard it got a bit boring. Don't know if that helped rather than sitting through it all in one sitting though. Not the worst movie game I have ever played though, also not the best.

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Aside from maybe an annoying part on 1 or 2 stages, yes I did enjoy the game.  I own the Terminator movie series and had to rewatch this after the fact as I couldn't remember everything from it.  It doesn't exactly follow the movie perfectly, and how could it?  Yet its a pretty good story along with great action and cover combat.  I just kept a rocket launcher as my 2nd weapon throughout the entire game, so if I ever got into a really tough spot I could use it to bail myself out, yet found in most cases I didn't need to do that.


The best was probably the music, it had the terminator score at certain points and that was just awesome.  The game could probably be done in an afternoon yet I stretched it out until I got near the end.  I think the most challenging part was driving the terminator and shooting those turrets or arrays.  None of the other stages were that bad, just the train part took a few tries, and same with the bus.

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